Kebabs are basically various grilled meat dishes. This dish consists of seafood, ground, cut up, cubed or sliced meat and served with vegetables, fruits, marinades and seasoning. The main ingredient for making kebabs is meat. For this reason, you should know that for each kebab, there is a type of meat it goes with. We at E. Mono know all our bases and are fully committed to provide our customers exactly what they want. The reason for us specialising in the various kebabs is because we understand our customers are different and we strive to satisfy all of them. There are no lengths we cannot go to earn your trust. Meat for kebabs is often beef, chicken, lamb or mutton, fish and goat .

We cater for all our customers whether they are fish lovers, meat eaters or vegetarians. We will make the preferred kebab of your choice. We are not afraid of change and always try to find creative ways to make our kebabs. We believe always keeping things fresh and evolving with the times is the way.

Some of our recipes include spicy chicken kebabs, pork and peach kebabs, minty lamb kebabs, vegetable kebabs, shish kebabs are just but a few. We supply modern kebabs to our clients at favourable prices.
We try to meet everyone’s budget range.

E. Mono is a Simple Turkish joint serving kebabs and shawarma wraps, falafels and kofte from indoors to take away. We provide friendly service, nice tables inside, simple menu items, tasty clean food, mixed shawarma which is recommended with chips and salad, always with a side of flat bread or try the wraps. If you want to know more about us, you can drop by a 285-287 Kentish Town Rd, Kentish Town, London NW52JS, UK.

Shawarma Wraps

This dish originated from the Ottoman empire and involves placing chicken, beef, lamb, mixed meat, turkey or veal on a vertical spit then grilling for almost a day to attain desired results. This dish requires patience in its preparation but you can be rest assured that your patience will be worth it.For serving, shavings can be cut from the block of meat and the remainder kept heated. Shawarms is usually served as a sandwich, on a plate or wrap. We serve ours as shawarms wraps.

One of our most popular shawarma wraps is the chicken shawarma wrap. It is also really easy to make and one chicken can yield up to four servings with a side of our home-made chili sauce. Our chefs enjoy making them and our customers love them. So here’s how we make it for those who may want to do it themselves at home. We whisk together the cumin, cinnamon, oil, allspice, lemon juice, garlic, turmeric, paprika and two tablespoons of salt until they combine.

From there we add cover and marinate the chicken then refrigerate for 12 – 14 hours. Begin oiling the grill grates. Remove chicken, salt then place on hot grill skin side down. Flip and grill until super crispy for 4-6 minutes between each flip. Leave it to rest for about 5 minutes then begin slicing into 1/4 pieces. For the wrap, tahini sauce is spread on the tortillas then shred romaine, relish and chopped chicken. Roll up tight then eat.

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Falafels and Kofte

Kofte basically consists of meatballs usually of chicken, pork, beef and lamb. Depending on your preference, we will make yours with the meat you love eating while you wait. We usually serve our kofte cooked in a spicy falafel kofta curry. We are versatile and try to serve all the flavors trending to cater for all our customers. We accompany the falafels and kofte with mixed salad and flat bread. For our lamb and falafel kofte we use chopped onions and parsley, egg, one teaspoon of olive oil, coconut oil, radish sauce, 300g minced lamb and 2 tablespoons of falafel mix. There are so many recipes for this dish such that your taste buds will not be able to tell the difference and that is the beauty of food.

For our falafel meatballs, which usually takes about 45 minutes to prepare, we use tomato, humus, pepper, onion, garlic, boiled chickpeas, cumin, oil, two teaspoons of parsley and coriander, pier and salt to taste. Our expert chefs will be sure to whip something really special for you.

Preparing this dish using the Turkish recipe is a bit demanding but we have the resources and facilities to pull it off. We will connect you to the rich heritage of the Turkish people with a hearty meal. If you are not able to finish your meal at our restaurant, we can foil it up for you to carry home and refrigerate.

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