Kebabs are basically various grilled meat dishes.


Shawarma Wraps

One of our most popular shawarma wraps is the chicken shawarma wrap.


Falafels and Kofte

We will connect you to the rich heritage of the Turkish people with a hearty meal.


E. Mono is a Simple Turkish joint serving kebabs and shawarma wraps, falafels and kofte from indoors to take away. We provide friendly service, nice tables inside, simple menu items, tasty clean food, mixed shawarma which is recommended with chips and salad, always with a side of flat bread or try the wraps.

Enjoy your Food

We are family owned establishment whose sole objective is the service of our customers. We believe that once you dine at our table you are family.

Our customers always leave our establishment full and satisfied. Our fast foods will give you the energy to continue your busy schedules keeping time. It does not matter what time you take it; we also make them ready to go. We try to understand the different circumstances of our clientele. We love our work and always keep it clean. Our place provides a fresh and fun place for food-outs with friends.

Our interior expresses our creativity with bright colors, fresh designs and free Wi-Fi with soft music playing on the background. We create a casual atmosphere with ample seating arrangement and space. All meat and food is freshly cooked every day. Our food is amazing and delicious all reasonably priced.

Freshly prepared Meals
Tasty food
Convenient Prices


285-287 Kentish Town Rd, Kentish Town, London NW5 2JS, U